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Diabetic patients have a much higher risk for developing a wide range of medical complications such as cardiovascular disease, kidney damage, eye damage (diabetic retinopathy), foot damage & skin conditions. They also have a very high risk for developing periodontal disease. That’s why it’s even more important for diabetics to see their Panama City dentist to maintain good oral health.

Many may be surprised to know that there’s a complication associated with gum disease for diabetic patients. This can be added to the list of the numerous complications associated with diabetes such as strokes, heart and kidney disease. Research demonstrates that there is an increased prevalence of gum disease in diabetic patients. In fact, the relationship between the two (diabetes & gum disease) is a two-way street; and it’s not a positive one. Each condition makes the other worse. People with diabetes are more susceptible to gum disease and serious gum disease can affect blood sugar control which makes diabetes worse. Research has shown that diabetic patients have a much higher risk for oral health problems. Therefore, diabetic patients may need to see their Panama City dentist more frequently than non-diabetics and must be even more dedicated to oral hygiene practices. Diabetic patients are also more susceptible to bacterial gum infections and have a decreased ability to fight off the bacteria that invades the gums. Therefore, they must be especially careful and it’s vital to their health to keep their mouth as healthy as possible. If you’re a diabetic patient, you should see a dentist and hygienist like ours at Baytown Dental Center and follow their oral health care regimen instructions and advice.

To learn more about diabetes and your oral health, you need to consult with our expert Panama City dentist. Contact our office right now to schedule your appointment.

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