Lynn Haven Dental Office

Lynn Haven Dental Office

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Baytown Dental Center is a Lynn Haven dental office specializing in a wide range of preventive care and general dentistry services. We’re open Monday through Friday, and also offer Clear Correct braces. ClearCorrect is simple for patients who want straight teeth – with no wires or brackets, they are easy and convenient.

Gum disease can be treated and possibly even reversed if the condition is mild. Some forms of gum disease are hereditary and can reach severe stages that should be treated with periodontal root scalings or other procedures. A dental cleaning gets deep into the pockets between teeth and gums, where regular brushing and flossing alone cannot. Bacteria will hide inside these pockets, causing plaque and tartar to form on the teeth and eventual tooth decay. A yearly cleaning at our Lynn Haven dental office for every patient can help remove plaque buildup and bacteria that causes gum disease and gingivitis. Patients should keep up on proper oral health care habits such as brushing and flossing.

Our preventive measures for kids include sealants. Sealants can also go a long way in preventing dental problems by acting as a barrier between the teeth and bacteria. Cavities are usually caused by buildup of food and debris that cause bacteria to form plaque and tartar over teeth, resulting in tooth decay. Some patients come in to our Lynn Haven dental office for extractions or for an extremely sore or throbbing, painful tooth. This may be a dental emergency that needs help right away. Oftentimes tooth decay and cavities can cause a painful condition in which the tooth becomes sensitive to hot or cold and is red and swollen. We may fill the cavity, or, if the tooth is decayed to the point of no return, we may recommend an extraction or root canal. For more information call us today.

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